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Join us at the MTC Community Garden, where are purple collard tree and Swiss chard grows so tall, our garlic is flourishing, our leafy greens section is starting to sprout, we have tomatoes in the ground and in a box, and I have my own little strawberry patch! #growyourown here till 11:30am #NorthOakland #Bushrod #oakland (at memorial tabernacle church)

For the month of April my friends are embarking on a #RoyalBlueForAutismAwareness campaign, to share information about autism within the African/Latino American communities. Did you know that 1 in 88 children have been identified as on the Autism Spectrum? No? Neither did I! Well periodically I will be sharing information to increase my learning about #autism and hopefully yours too! Pls note on April 16th there there will be a day to wear Royal Blue to support MochaAutism and share your blue via pics. I will be doing that. Also a twitter chat! Join us. Visit for more info. :)

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